Owner-Occupier Buying Guide

Owner-Occupier Buying Guide

Finding a New Office

Most central London commercial property purchases are undertaken by investors. Simplistically, the value of the property is dictated by the predicted cash flow of the asset and an investor’s required return.  

An owner-occupier generally has a different motive for buying a property, they may need a property where they can make their own changes that may be quite bespoke without seeking the building owner’s permission, they may want to secure a building for their use in the distant future, it may be for part investment purposes to provide an income in letting the remainder of the property, it may be their business can add value to the building that they may then undertake a sale and leaseback or it may be solely for emotive purposes.

Owner-occupier pricing generally tracks investment values and depending upon the market and asset in question, an owner-occupier may be able to secure a property at investment value levels. However, should another owner-occupier also wish to buy the property, new dynamics come into play.

Kingly Partners have a broad experience in buying buildings for owner occupiers which have included offices, an embassy, a school and one of Kingly’s most complex transactions was selling a charity’s obsolete headquarters in the open market whilst simultaneously securing their new headquarters which was being openly marketed. Kingly Partners would be delighted to help any business secure a new property for themselves, no matter how complex, we like a challenge.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in London’s West End or have a property to sell in Covent Garden, Soho and the surrounding areas, then drop us a line and we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail.