Covent Garden Commercial Property Market Guide

Covent Garden Commercial Property Market Guide

Covent Garden is well-known across the globe. It is a must-go-to destination for any visitor, domestic or international. It is there to entertain its visitors with the majority of London’s theatres providing the cornerstone supported by a plethora of eating and drinking venues, beautiful buildings and a variety of shopping districts. Unsurprisingly, the buzz of the streets attracts office occupiers and residents. Whilst too small to be a village, it has that rounded community feel to it.   

Kingly’s Paul Rowntree has experience of buying or selling over 100 buildings in Covent Garden.  Assets in this location are very popular. Covent Garden isn’t going to become undesirable, there will always be someone who would like to locate their business in your building no matter the state of the market.

For an incoming investor, some streets are very hard to buy on due to existing estate ownerships either not being vendors or actively trying to “fill in the gaps”. Kingly will be able to guide an investor towards streets where efforts are better spent with a higher chance of a successful purchase. For a vendor, there is certainly an art to achieving the maximum price where their property may be of interest to one of the estate owners, the estates have been able to secure some assets at a surprisingly low value, whilst in other instances, record prices have been set.  

Should anyone own or wish to own a building in Covent Garden, Kingly would be delighted to chat about what is happening in the market.  If that led to Kingly aiding another transaction, it would be smiles all around.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in London’s West End or have a property to sell in Covent Garden, Soho and the surrounding areas, then drop us a line and we’ll discuss your requirements in more detail.